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Neuropathy and Laser Center in Prescott, AZ

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In keeping up with the latest technological advances, Neuropathy & Laser Treatment Center offers cold laser therapy to promote healing, reduce pain and inflammation of any type. This includes back pain, shoulders, wounds, etc.. We specialize in treating patients suffering from Neuropathy, with both our MLS Laser System, as well as our MicroVas System.  This treatment is very effective to reduce the overall pain and swelling, and advance healing.
How it Works:

  • The laser light penetrates each cell, getting rid of the histamines and cytokines out of the cell.
  • Blocks the nociceptor to the brain (the pain signal).
  • Releases endorphins and encephalins as if you were out for a run.
  • Increases cell growth production.
  • Immediately improves blood flow to the affected area which speeds healing.
  • Laser does not produce heat and is completely painless.
  • Increases the osteoblasts in the bone, in the first ten days.
  • Reduces scar tissue and accelerates healing by 30 to 40%.
  • Brings blood flow to the area and opens up capillaries.
  • Reconnects nerves and regenerates nerve connectivity.
  • Stimulates the mitochondria to jump start the body’s own healing process.
  • Allows oxygen and food loads into the cell.​
  • Has an 80 – 90% success rate.​

See below to learn more of the wonderful health benefits!

Health Benefits

  1. Anti-Inflammation:  Laser therapy has an anti-edema effect as it causes vasodilatation, but also because it activates the lymphatic drainage system (drains swollen areas). As a result, there is a reduction in swelling caused by bruising or inflammation.
  2. Anti-Pain:  Laser therapy has a highly beneficial effect on nerve cells which blocks pain transmitted by these cells to the brain, which decreases nerve sensitivity.  Also, due to less inflammation, there is less edema and less pain. Another pain blocking mechanism involves the production of high levels of pain killing chemicals such as endorphins and encephalin from the brain and adrenal gland.
  3. ​Accelerated Tissue Repair and Cell Growth:  ​Photons of light from lasers penetrate deeply into tissue and accelerate cellular reproduction and growth. The laser light increases the energy available to the cell so that the cell can take on nutrients faster and get rid of waste products.  As a result of exposure to laser light, the cells of tendons, ligaments and muscles are repaired faster.
  4. Improved Vascular Activity:  Laser light will significantly increase the formation of new capillaries in damaged tissue that speeds up the healing process, closes wounds quickly, and reduces scar tissue.  Additional benefits include acceleration of angiogenesis, which causes temporary vasodilatation, an increase in the diameter of blood vessels.
  5. Increases Metabolic Activity:  Laser therapy creates higher outputs of specific enzymes, greater oxygen and food particle loads for blood cells.
  6. Trigger Points and Acupuncture Points:  Laser therapy stimulates muscle trigger points and acupuncture points on a non-invasive basis providing musculoskeletal pain relief.
  7. Reduced Fibrous Tissue Formation:  Laser therapy reduces the formation of scar tissue following tissue damage from cuts, scratches, burns or surgery.
  8. Improved Nerve Function:  Slow recovery of nerve functions in damaged tissue can result in numbness and impaired limbs.  Laser light will speed up the process of nerve cell reconnection and increase the amplitude of action potentials to optimize muscle action.
  9. Immunoregulation:  Laser light has a direct effect on immunity status by stimulation of immunoglobins and lymphocytes.  Laser therapy is absorbed by chromophores (molecule enzymes) that react to laser light.  The enzyme flavomono-nucleotide is activated and starts the production of ATP (adenosine-triphosphate), which is the major carrier of cell energy and the energy source for all chemical reactions in the cells.
  10. Faster Wound Healing:  Laser light stimulates fibroblast development (fibroblasts are the building blocks of collagen, which is predominant in wound healing) in damaged tissue.  Collagen is the essential protein required to replace old tissue or to repair tissue injuries.  As a result, laser therapy is effective on open wounds and burns.

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