“After having rather intense surgery on four toes and my foot, I had concerns that healing would take a long time. But because of the great surgical skills and the Laser therapy treatments I was able to put my full weight on my foot within two weeks, and the swelling was greatly reduced. After four weeks I am able to now wear a regular shoe for periods of time.” Frances P.

“I had two (2) tears in my right Achilles Tendon. I tried every healing option for four (4) months with no results. I was still in a lot of pain 24 hours a day.

I learned of Dr. Hayman’s Neuropathy & Laser treatment. I signed up for six (6) treatments. After the forth (4th) treatment, the pain totally disappeared. After the fifth (5th) and sixth (6th) treatment the pain has not come back. My treatment was in the Spring of 2022”
– Peter K.

“After 3 treatments I have noticed less numbness and tingling in toes, I think this is helping. Looking forward to finishing to see more results.” Tom B.

“I went to the Neuropathy & Laser Treatment Center for a condition called “Neuroma” in my foot. It was very painful and hurt constantly. After being referred by Dr. Hayman, my Podiatrist, I signed up for six treatments with the laser. I felt relief after only two treatments and no pain after three. I completed all six treatments just to be safe but was totally satisfied after three. I highly recommend this procedure for pain relief.” Ronald B.

“After 50 years of suffering from Neuropathy problems in my feet, it got worse and started to climb up my legs to my knees. The RN Debi did a marvelous job of reworking both legs to my knees! I have experienced a wonderful response to the laser treatment and I have never felt better than I do now!” Robert T.

“After receiving laser treatment for my Neuropathy I no longer have tingling in my legs and feet. I’m feeling better. Thank you for letting me have the opportunity to have this procedure done. Even my sores are gone!” Trevor P.
“I first found out about laser therapy when we used it for our dog’s neck issues, which resulted in avoiding surgery on him altogether. I investigated and found Dr. Hayman who performs laser treatments. I have arthritis in my back, which I do see a Chiropractor for. I have now added the laser therapy to my regime, and it has truly helped. I am an avid golfer and used to have to ice my back every time I got home from golf. Now that I am doing the laser therapy, I no longer come home from golf in pain, needing to ice. While I understand that I will always have arthritis in my back, this laser therapy has definitely given me a better quality of life. I recommend it!” Rayfield C.
“After a bad fall down the stairs and suffering nine breaks in my foot and ankle, I experienced pain and numbness. In addition, the inflammation didn’t seem to stay reduced for very long with icing and other conventional treatments. My foot responded to the laser treatment and my result was greatly reduced pain, more feeling, and no more inflammation. As a result I am more stable when I walk. I highly recommend this laser center.” Julie C.
“I had to have surgery on my right foot to remove a blood clot. I know that the laser treatments I was given helped to heal my foot.” Gail D.
​”I have been going to the laser center once a week. It keeps me from having a lot of pain. In fact I have very little. Plus it has slowed down the progression of the disease neuropathy. It is definitely worth a try to see if it will work for you.” Joneen F.
” I over extended the tendons in my knee which became highly inflamed, and very painful. After just one laser treatment I felt the pressure from the inflammation reduced and the pain subsided. After six treatments my knee was almost back to normal and I was pain free. The staff is kind, courteous, and professional. The laser is a true miracle and I highly recommend it to anyone suffering in pain.” Kim C.
​” This was very well done and highly recommended. Wonderful staff.” Rollie T.
​”In March of 2021 I had my right foot operated on. And in September I had my left foot operated on by Dr. Hayman. And because he recommended it, I’ve had the laser treatments both times. For me it was a no brainer and I’ve had quick healing and minimal pain both times. The staff at the laser treatment center are professional, compassionate and super nice. I highly recommend the laser treatments.” Frank J.
“Laser Treatments were very well administered and painless. Has made a great difference to my pain level for the better. I’m very happy with the outcome!” Len H.
“Staff is very friendly and very professional in their approach to treatment. Able to cancel and reschedule appointments easily. Would not place my feet in anyone else’s hands. Very effective treatments!” Christopher R.